Heating system with heat recovery positioned around the door frame to eliminate the condensation.

Usb to update the software.

Two indipendent refrigeration groups.
To manage in the same fridge two different confi gurations: Ex: NT e Wine Cooler

Magnetic gaskets.

Internal fan to maximum efficiency.

Automatic defrosting with heat recovery “No Frost” system.

Super Cool function.

Electronic components tailored.

Tone and intensity setting for the light from the touchscreen panel.

Single or double doors overlapping each compartment, blind and/or glazed.

Air Booster: controllo di ventilazione elettronico “intelligente”.

Tempered glass with double chambers, heated in the LT version.

Electronic control of temperature, humidity and lights through the touchscreen digital control panel.

Automatic evaporation of condensation.

Internal RGB led light with manual, programmed or automatic lighting.

Rollaway evaporator to optimize spaces.