Sturdiness, squared contours and Inox steel mouldings are the distinctive features of this line presenting a lively design and a decisive personality which knows how to offer a touch of style to all kinds of settings.

The bright and trendy colors merge elegantly with all kinds of furniture and create a warm and welcoming mood.

The accuracy and variety of the equipment, together with the wide personalization possibilities and the high performances are distinguishing these refrigeration cabinets from the others. This line features an accurate ventilation and the humidity levels necessary for the prefect conservation and aging of food.

Model: a two-compartment solid oak cabinet insulated with high-density expanded polyurethane and internal siding with thermoformed monolithic plastic shell for food.

Measures: cm 166x71x206.

Design: straight cap and Inox steel mouldings on the doors.

Color options: white, black, yellow, blue, green and red.

Available finishes: varnished, decapé (pickled) oak and natural wood.

Details: chromed handle with vintage lock. Chromed vintage external hinges.
RGB led light. Rounded corners at the bottom.